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How about grillin’ 200 steaks? Pictures by Modern Photographics.

The Grillin’ Guys were asked by Impact Church in Lowell to feed the men’s group at the annual “Steak Night” and of course they said YES!

Here are some shots of the event read more

How to video for building a bbq pit.

Max Fulda & BBQ Bob’s TEC Video

TEC Infra-Red Grill

Bob & Max demonstrate all the reasons that America is switching to TEC 100% Infrared.

Ace of Hearts The “Chuckwagon ™”


The “Chuckwagon ™”
Model 42/24-TC
Accessories & Products
Trailer mounted Rodeo & Lone Star

The Chuckwagon ™ features The Marshall ™ and the Lone Star Grill ™ Smoker/Grill read more

My Favorite Gas Grills

Fifety-seven percent of the grills sold in America are gas. We all like the convenience of gas and many of us own at least one gas grill. Barbecue Bob has many! Nuff said.

Bob is a total TEC freak.  read more