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GI BBQ Delivery #2

We delivered our second load of bbq supplies to the 3-238 in Grand Ledge, Michigan.  The Michigan Army National Guard’s NCO organization responsible for entertaining the troops is the new owner read more

May 14,2016 is the final push. Here is what you could win.

Chase Creek Smokehouse is the final stage to send off our 9 month effort to send bbq to our loyal soldiers, airmen, marines, and navy/coast guard seamen.

One May 14th we are all headed to Chase, MI for read more

May 14th is the day we all celebrate.

public invite blessing

This is our final push to get the last $8,000 or hopefully more.

Please come up and have a great day with us. We will have thousands of folks expected to attend and you will not regret it.

Operation G.I. BBQ, The final push !

media kit blessing

Check out our last effort to get over the top and if you can help, God bless you.

Brian Kilmeade From Fox Helping G.I.BBQ

If you like Brian, check out the time he gave Bob recently on Fox:  listen now

Operation G.I. BBQ