Category: Rubs

Herb Rub for Lamb

Here’s another idea!  Rub generously on the lamb chops and watch the family as they dive into these delicious, tender lamb chops.  Don’t be afraid to experiement with lamb!  read more

Maureen’s Christmas Prime Rib

Christmas Prime rib at our home is one that our family of seven looks forward to every year.  First, select your Prime Rib carefully.  Maureen usually goes to Forest Hill Foods (If you live read more

Shantel’s Venison Rub

Shantel V. is a good friend of ours.  She says her two favorite things to do are to eat, and to teach.  Well, she’s a fantastic cook, and we hear an excellent teacher too!  I checked out her read more

Dave Spence Famous Goat Recipe

Dave Spence is marvelous individual. He lives 20 miles east of Enid, Oklahoma.  When I was down there 3 years ago, I became friends with him.  He works at the grain elevator and is famous read more