November 12, 2011 Show

Tastier than pumpkin pie! Listen to the November 12th, 2011 The Grillin’ Guys show.

Segment 1: The guys are live from the Spartan Studios as they start the show by talking about the Wine, Beer, and Food Festival coming up on the weekend.

Listen: [wpaudio: url=”″ text=”Segment 1″]

Segment 2: The guys talk to Bob’s brother, Mike, about some grilled fish recipes that will help him out when doing some outdoor activities.

Listen: [wpaudio: url=”″ text=”Segment 2″]

Segment 3: Jop gives the listeners some information on LaughFest coming up in the area to help support the Gilda’s Club for cancer survivors.

Listen: [wpaudio: url=”″ text=”Segment 3″]

Segment 4: The guys talk to Rick Mack from the Choo Choo Grill about his business and what makes it so successful today. Chaz from Schmohz Brewery is also in studio with the guys.

Listen: [wpaudio: url=”″ text=”Segment 4″]

Segment 5: The guys talk to Merle from Al & Bob’s Sports about the busy hunting time season, as well as the Big Buck Contest that is going on with WBBL.

Listen: [wpaudio: url=”″ text=”Segment 5″]

Segment 6: The guys talk to Chaz from Schmohz Brewery about his Bone Crusher Stout beer (one of his original beers when he started the business). Chaz also talks about an event going on at the brewery tonight for the ladies; as well as what brews at his brewery are selling well right now in season. Jop also gives the listeners his Scottish Egg recipe perfect for breakfast!

Listen: [wpaudio: url=”″ text=”Segment 6″]

Segment 7: The guys talk to Cowboy Rob Russell about the hunting trip that BBQ Bob took to Topeka, Kansas and what went on during BBQ Bob’s week-long stay.

Listen: [wpaudio: url=”″ text=”Segment 7″]

Segment 8: BBQ Bob talks about some Kansas beers that he experienced while on his trip to Kansas during the past week.

Listen: [wpaudio: url=”″ text=”Segment 8″]

Segment 9: The guys talk to Max Fulda from the TEC Infra-red team about some “Southern Style Tailgating.” Jop also gives the listeners his Venison Tenderloin on the grill recipe (with also some warning tips on cooking venison!).

Listen: [wpaudio: url=”″ text=”Segment 9″]

Segment 10: The guys preview an upcoming show from “The Big House” during Ohio State week. BBQ Bob also gives out another “Man Law” on men standing in front of a mirror when getting ready. The show then wraps up with a tribute to the Veterans and military personnel for Veteran’s Day with a song by Tim McGraw called “If You’re Reading This.”

Listen: [wpaudio: url=”″ text=”Segment 10″]

Download the audio: Right-click the audio segment link (Segment 3 for example) and select Save Link As…

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