November 21, 2015

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  1. John says:

    Bob, please keep after Stormy Kromer about their small hat sizes. In the past they would make hats for those of that are cranlliy well endowed. (See my letter to them below and feel free to send it on to them. Heck. I would be fine if they just ran customs once a quarter or even just twice a year. Maybe I will have to check out Filson, but I would rather buy from a MI firm.

    Email I sent.

    I would be a very willing participant in this Brand endeavor, except, you now refuse to make hats for those of us that are cranially well endowed.

    I was talking to people at the sports club just a short time ago about this very issue.

    I understand stopping the world to make one hat is a pain and probably not as profitable. It is however, superb customer service that won you many accolades and formerly loyal customers.

    Resuming custom size hat production on a scheduled basis, either once a month, bi-monthly or, even quarterly, would demonstrate a desire to meet customer needs and would be seen as a wonderful gesture of goodwill on Stormy Kromer’s part.

    I mean after all, why would we buy drink coolers, vests, bags and other cool stuff of the Kromer brand when you will not help warm our most important extremity?

    The restoration of custom size service would help demonstrate that you really think all people, not just those with standard size noggins, are created equal and are entitled to a well made warm cover.

    Anxiously awaiting your affirmative reply.

    • BBQ Bob says:

      Thanks for the comment/request. First of all, I am called big head Bob by my snowmobile buddies. I wear an 8. What size do you need?