Listen to Podcasts on Smartphones

The real benefit to podcasts is being able to listen when you want to, so if you missed a week of the Grillin Guys, or if you want to share an episode with others, check it out.  But you need to use the right app to have your episodes downloaded when you get out on the lake. Many of you also are on limited data plans and want to download when on wifi.   Just copy into your app and be ready to listen.   We have a couple suggestions if you don’t already have a program.

 acast ACast is a very good app for Android users. qr-android-acast
ipodcast IPodcasts also features the automatic downloading of podcasts and operates independently of itunes so there is no need to enter additional passwords.  Podcast_iPhoneAppQR
Icon-Computer02-Black You can also set up your home computer to download episodes to have them ready when you want or just remind you there are new episodes. Juice is available for PC, Mac