BBQ Competition
BBQ Competition


Here is your chance to show US your stuff.  Do you have mad skills on the grill?  Do your friends and family insist on you doing the grillin’?  Now is the time to be BOLD ! 

Come to Berlin Raceway and Entertainment Complex and compete in the “Backyard Master” events and you could win some cool grillin’ gear.  How would you like to own a brand new Tappecue wifi remote monitoring thermometer or a case of Original Juan Sauces or a sleek Thermapen instant read pocket sized thermometer?

You could do it.  All it takes is guts, a grill and the ability to lay it all on the line.  The first event is July 19th in the parking lot at Berlin Raceway and Entertainment Complex in Marne, MI.  The second chance is August 2nd and the third is August 30th.

Here is what you do:

  • Download the application and send it to: Berlin Raceway and Entertainment Complex, PO Box 1198, Holland, MI 49422 .  Include a check for $50 and you are in.
  • You will also receive a ticket to that nights race.  Plan on arriving at the complex around 3pm to get set up for the 4pm competition.
  • You can grill anything you like, especially if it is “Tailgate” food.
  • Jop and BBQ Bob will be the official judges for the top three spots.
  • First Place wins the Tappecue valued at $199.00 and tickets to the next event.  Can you say “Jackyl”?  That’s right, the winner of the July 19 event will get tickets to see Jackyl on July 25th.  The first place winner of the next two competitions will also get tickets to upcoming events.
  • Second Place gets the Thermapen valued at $99.00.
  • Third Place gets a case of Original Juan – American Stockyard BBQ Sauces valued at $84.00.  Warning:  Jop will try to steal this so if you win, place in a locked car immediately.
  • The winners will be announced at the opening of the race in front of the entire racing crowd on stage in the infield.

No guts?  Stay home.  This isn’t for the light at heart wannabe’s.  This is for the guy or gal that can lay down as much smoke as they as their neighbor.  Even if you don’t compete, come on out and watch.  You just may be inspired and have a ball at the races.

Here is your entry form which must be received by Noon Wednesday before the race:  Backyard BBQ Entry Form 

Mail your completed form and a check for $50 to: Berlin Raceway, attn: Backyard Master Entry,  P.O. Box #1198, Holland, MI 49422


This is going to be fun, and oh yes, the three first place winners will compete at the first RIBSTOCK” ever held in Michigan.  That winner will be taking home a beautiful brand new Grill !!!

Why wouldn’t anybody want to try his or her hand at this?  That’s what she said.

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