If you missed this event, don’t make the same mistake next year.  We are DEFINITELY going back.  We discovered one of the coolest places in Northern Michigan.  Black Lake is an 11,000 acre lake that sits just off the coast of Lake Huron South of Petoskey.  This is a place you MUST SEE!

We are working on an affordable package for next year so you can join us and experience what we did.  Check out this thirty foot shanty that we were in while looking at the bottom of the lake through a 3′ x 9′ hole cut with a chain saw.

Have some food and fun at the 211 Bar & Grill and relive history as you scan old photos of the area from the early 1900’s.

Cruise across the lake on a sweet sled that will be dropped at your room for the weekend.  We did indeed stumble onto a gem and it is in the Smokin’ Mitten so we are all over it.

Block out the first weekend in February next year and plan a trip that fits your budget and brings you together with other BBQ heads for a great time and we will get you home in time for the Super Bowl.

Bob, Julius, Shasta, and Mad Dog.  We are ready to smoke it up!


Next time we go, you are more than invited.  You ought to be there.

this is how they ROLL!Dining Room at the Black Mountain Lodge.Lodge PubThe porch at the LodgeMad Dog was IN THE HOUSE!
Owner of Black Mountain Lodge.