Camp Ceurvo

May 4, 2012
Donate your old bow

Do you want to help a soldier in combat?  Donate your old bow.

Here is how, take it to  Al & Bob’s Sports or visit this site:

In mid-September 2004, as part of an Army-wide renaming of its facilities around Baghdad with friendlier connotations, Camp Cuervo was renamed Camp Rustamiyah, with its Arabic translation “Camp Rustamiyah”.

Camp Cuervo is located six miles southeast of Sadr City, and was formally named Camp Muleskinner.   Here is John Vasos:

John D. Vasos

2:40pm May 1

We have a new challenge coming out of Afghanistan for us. I think we can handle half of this request already. I will notify everyone who is on my group email list and get back to the Tsgt to see if we can combine our resources some. Nothing new just good used equipment we have collected from all of you who support us. Here is the request minus the name. Major Steve Prince has already been in contact:

Hello Mr Vasos
My name is (name deleted) TSgt USAF I am currently stationed in a remote location in the dessert. I was referred to you by Nick Droback he said you might have an interest in helping us. I am writing you because I am attempting to have a 9 lane 3D archery range constructed here to help boost the morale on the base with a little target practice / healthy competition. Would you be willing to support to a moral function by donation? If you are not willing to donate items we would like to request your best quote.

The items I am looking to acquire are.

12 adult traditional long bows that can handle extreme heat (about 120’) and dry weather.