Coach Vermeil Winery




  Paul Smith, MarySue Frediani-Smith, Jim Frediani, Jeanne Frediani, Dick Vermeil and Carol Vermeil have turned a long-time friendship into an exceptional wine venture. The expertise of Winemaker Paul Smith and the grapes of the Frediani Family Vineyard prove to be a winning combination for Vermeil Wines.  For more information on these wines, some our favorites, click here.

And Now……the weird grills :-)


In looking for a humongous variety of ways to grill, BBQ Bob found these.  Imagine grilling on a Cow grill, a girly pink grill, train, mower, pistol, shopping cart, specialized hot dog grill, or even…….er……..a read more

Grills with Engines!!!


BBQ Bob has been working hard to find the best, baddest grills for Grillin’ Guys and Gals.   Check out these grills made from automobiles, trucks, and even a motorcycle!

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