Jul 22, 2014

This wonderful blend found it’s way onto my plate in a recent trip to Long Island.  It is a simple blend of vegetables and spices that is packed in EVO and I am sort of guessing and surfing to get the ingredients so bare with me if you feel like I am unsure.  I am.

Finely chop Peppers, artichokes, carrots, cucumbers, celery, green olives, mushrooms, fennels, turnips, peas and black olives.  Use your own judgement as to the ratios.  Pour Old World Olive Co. EVO into a sauce pan using the amount needed to mostly blanket the vegetable blend.

Now add some white wine vinegar, but be careful not to add too much.  It won’t take a lot to do the job here as we are not pickling, just adding zest.  Add some sea salt and cracked pepper and apply heat.  We don’t want to boil, just get as hot as you would if you were canning it and that is what you can do.

Pour the mixture into canning jars and seal tightly enough for a good seal but not necessarily a safe seal.  You see, the heat is everything and you will have to play with it a couple of times, because, like I said, I’m guessing.  If you get it too hot, well, you will have soft veggies and that sucks.  I’m saying at least a week to set.  Dunno.

I apologize for the vague depiction here, but you can probably go to a nice Italian market and find the brand from Berni, but what fun is that?

BBQ Bob ,