Get reaedy for spring by listening to The Grillin’ Guys show from February 25th, 2012!

Segment 1: The guys are live from the Winter Beer Festival at Fifth Third Ballpark as they start the show off by talking to Dianna Stampfler from to talk about the Winter Beer Festival and what makes it so successful. They also talk about the Michigan Beer Industry and why it is growing so fast.

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Segment 2: The guys talk to Russ Springsteen, the owner of Right Brain Brewery in Traverse City, Michigan, about his brewery, as well as some of his microbrews that are in-season right now at his brewery. Russ also talks about how his brewery came to be back in the day.

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Segment 3: The guys talk to Chas Thompson from Schmohz Brewery about the “Mardi Gras” of beer happening today at the Winter Beer Festival. Chas also talks about the Brewers Guild and why it keeps growing and growing, as well as what makes beer so good!

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Segment 4: The guys talk to Randy Finch from Ice Brigade about some ice carvings that have become so popular that he has made appearances on The Food Network! Randy also talks about his sculptures and how they have become so popular over time.

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Segment 5: BBQ Bob talks about his new “Amazin’ Pellet Smoker” device and how it works for smoking stuff on your grill.

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Segment 6: The guys talk to Mark Graham from “Grilla” (Fahrenheit Technologies) in Holland, Michigan about his business, as well as his new pellet grill with the latest technological advances that are cutting edge!

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Segment 7: The guys talk to Travis Glenn from The Dark Horse Brewery in Marshall, Michigan about his brewery, as well as his 28 different microbrews that he has brought to the Winter Beer Festival! Travis also talks about the “hot sellers” available at his brewery right now.

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Segment 8: The guys talk to Bill Wright from Moose Creek BBQ in Hamilton, Montana about the Barbecue Burrito that they make at their facility. The guys also talk to Kevin Peil from Tri City Brewing in Bay City, Michigan about their business being a “best kept secret.” Kevin also brings the guys some of his popular microbrews available at his brewery.

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Segment 9: The guys talk about an upcoming remote broadcast at The Dark Horse Brewery in April about a smoke-off taking place there. The guys also dive more into the Winter Beer Festival.

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Segment 10: The guys bring back Dianna Stampfler to wrap the show up from the Winter Beer Festival, as well as promote some future Beer Festivals in Michigan. BBQ Bob also gives out another “Man Law” on bringing the right beer to a party, or suffering the consequences. The show then wraps up with a tribute to the Beer Festival with a song by Toby Keith called, “I Love This Bar.”

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