Gary lives on Bostwick Lake, and has been a friend of the Joppie’s for a very long time.  Since we are always looking for interesting new ways to grill stuff, we asked him for his favorite, and here it is!  Enjoy! 


Purchase New Zealand rack of lamb, sometimes Spring Lamb. Usually 4-5 ribs per person or one LARGE rack for two people

Let Lamb sit out to get to room temperature

In Sauce pan, add 6 TBS of oil, plus 1 TBS of butter.  Use regular vegetable oil it doesn’t burn like Virgin oil.

Add fine chopped garlic, usually 1-2 cloves of garlic per person

Separately combine 2 Tbs each of Rosemary, Sage, and Thyme – chop up (slightly less on the Rosemary)

Add about ¼ cup of fine bread crumbs, homemade preferred

Add bread crumbs to garlic and oil on stove, cook for a few minutes to combine to a paste. Add more bread crumbs if needed to get a paste consistency.

Spread over all sides of the Rack of Lamb.  Add pepper and a SALT Crust, which is a pretty good amount of salt on top of the paste.

Grill set to 400 degrees and sear each side for a few minutes per side.  It will flame up a lot

Turn Grill down to 350 and cook for 18-20 minutes.  You will have to remove the lamb from the grill from time to time as it easily flames up.  After 15 minutes it will look like it’s ‘way over done’ it’s not. The whole process starting from searing takes 20 minutes.

Remove and slice each rib section for serving.