Grilled Chicken & Fruit Salad
A BBQ Bob Original
2 Cups Cubed grilled chicken chilled
Mayo (to personal liking)
¼ Cup chopped Celery
1/4C Chopped Pecans
1 T Lemon Pepper
1 Cup Diced Apple
1 Cup Chopped Red Grapes


Grill your skinless boneless chicken breasts the way you like them.  Cool in the refrigerator.  Cut into small 3/4 inch pieces.

Cut apples into small cubes, cut red grapes in half, dice celery and pecans into small bits.  Combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl.  Dust with lemon pepper if you like that flavor profile.  I suggest you sample a small bit before you do the whole batch.

Serve on a lettuce and tomato salad or on bread, buns, or tortilla with lettuce for a wrap.