This is what a bunch of people who are passionate about backyard bbq look like.  If you can see yourself in this picture, then sign up today.  The Grillin’ Guys are launching their first BBQ Club and it is in Grand Rapids.  Get in on the ground floor and be a part of something fun, tasty, and personally satisfying.

Hit this post with a response, hit the block on the home page,  hit us on Facebook, or send smoke signals.  Just join.  It is free, fun and filling.


Details to be published shortly, but the premise is a club that meets once a month, shares bbq ideas, has fun and maybe even a little Q competition on a small scale.  How about meeting great people who love to articulate their pallets?

Would it kill you to have an adult beverage with a great burger or brat or shish kabob?  We thought not.


Do it.