Warm your bones by listening to The Grillin’ Guys show from January 21st, 2012!

Segment 1: The guys are live from the WBBL Studios as they start the show off by talking to Tom Antor about the upcoming Huntin’ Time Expo coming up in a week! Jop also talks about what he is going to be grilling up for the Super Bowl in two weeks.

Listen: [wpaudio: url=”https://thegrillinguys.com/audio/2012-Jan/grillinguys-012112-seg1.mp3″ text=”Segment 1″]

Segment 2: The guys talk about curing your meat when it comes to making jerky. The guys also talk about how to properly cure the meat so you don’t get sick in the near future.

Listen: [wpaudio: url=”https://thegrillinguys.com/audio/2012-Jan/grillinguys-012112-seg2.mp3″ text=”Segment 2″]

Segment 3: BBQ Bob breaks down his Venison Jerky recipe that goes well for your Super Bowl party. The guys also talk more about The Grillin’ Club starting up very soon!

Listen: [wpaudio: url=”https://thegrillinguys.com/audio/2012-Jan/grillinguys-012112-seg3.mp3″ text=”Segment 3″]

Segment 4: The guys talk about the final product of making Venison Jerky, which is smoking the meat. They also get into which grills go well with smoking any kind of meat.

Listen: [wpaudio: url=”https://thegrillinguys.com/audio/2012-Jan/grillinguys-012112-seg4.mp3″ text=”Segment 4″]

Segment 5: The guys get into more about The Grillin’ Club coming up really soon. The guys also talk about picking the right grill for everyone’s personal interests.

Listen: [wpaudio: url=”https://thegrillinguys.com/audio/2012-Jan/grillinguys-012112-seg5.mp3″ text=”Segment 5″]

Segment 6: The guys talk to Chris Marks from the Ace of Hearts Barbecue championship grilling team live from Des Moines, Iowa about some grilled snacks Kansas City style for the Super Bowl. Chris also gives out a little secret on a new product they will be launching soon!

Listen: [wpaudio: url=”https://thegrillinguys.com/audio/2012-Jan/grillinguys-012112-seg6.mp3″ text=”Segment 6″]

Segment 7: BBQ Bob talks to former Michigan State Wide Receiver Keith Nichol about his Senior Collegiate Bowl Game today, as well as getting prepared for the NFL Draft in April.

Listen: [wpaudio: url=”https://thegrillinguys.com/audio/2012-Jan/grillinguys-012112-seg7.mp3″ text=”Segment 7″]

Segment 8: The guys talk about the “Sturgeon Season Unplugged” remote the first weekend of February (Super Bowl Weekend) at Black Lake. The guys also talk to Coach Dick Vermeil about the Senior Collegiate Bowl Game today that Keith Nichol is in.

Listen: [wpaudio: url=”https://thegrillinguys.com/audio/2012-Jan/grillinguys-012112-seg8.mp3″ text=”Segment 8″]

Segment 9: Jop tells a story about a three year-old child that was severely burned by his father while trying to light the grill with gasoline. This leads to the guys talking about some grilling safety tips when you’re grilling around people. The guys also delve more into the Huntin’ Time Expo next weekend.

Listen: [wpaudio: url=”https://thegrillinguys.com/audio/2012-Jan/grillinguys-012112-seg9.mp3″ text=”Segment 9″]

Segment 10: The guys update their upcoming schedule of events for the show. BBQ Bob also dishes out another “Man Law” on men’s shoes matching their clothing. The show then wraps up with a song by Michigan’s own, Bob Seger, with song called, “Ship of Fools.”

Listen: [wpaudio: url=”https://thegrillinguys.com/audio/2012-Jan/grillinguys-012112-seg10.mp3″ text=”Segment 10″]

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