July 19, 2014 Show

Jul 20, 2014

Race cars, mushrooms, ribs & the Backyard Master  grillin’ competition. Where else but The Grillin’ Guys July 19th, 2014 show?

Segment 1: The guys talk about being at Berlin Raceway. Jop talks about his week and trying to pull an apple tree out of the ground. BBQ Bob talks about being on the east coast and Spencer beer and fish n chips. He talks about going to the fish shops.

Segment 2: The Guys talk about tailgating at Berlin Raceway. They talk about the Grillin’ Guys beer. Jop talks about portabella mushrooms for Fast Cooks. They talk about the very First Backyard Master. BBQ Bob talks about his fast wrap. He talks about wings. They give a preview for their upcoming talk with Rob Russell.

Segment 3: After failing to actually talk to Rob during the phone call, they continue to preview their day at Berlin Raceway. They talk about “tailgating skills.” They talk about shish kebabs and the recipe at their website. The guys talk about smoking meats. BBQ Bob talks about his favorite tailgating foods, including sliders.

Segment 4: They talk about judging the tailgate contest. They talk about wine tasting at Fenn Valley. They talk about being up in the luxury suite at Berlin. The guys also talk about people being able to taste and sample the competitive cook’s food.