July 21, 2012 Show

Jul 21, 2012

These guys are smoother than extra virgin olive oil! Listen to The Grillin’ Guys show from July 21st 2012!

Segment 1: Jop tells a cooler story.  Bob & Jop talk to Tom Buchanan of Jamesport Brewing Company.

Listen: [wpaudio: url=”https://thegrillinguys.com/audio/2012-Jul/grillinguys-072112-seg1.mp3″ text=”Segment 1″]

Segment 2: Bob & Jop talk to Shasta from Old World Olive Press.

Listen: [wpaudio: url=”https://thegrillinguys.com/audio/2012-Jul/grillinguys-072112-seg2.mp3″ text=”Segment 2″]

Segment 3: Bob & Jop talk to Kaitlyn Lemon from Lemon Creek Winery in Grand Haven. “Vintage Blues Band.” They guys talk with Joe Ahrendt from Bakita & Bentley about the Tigers .

Listen: [wpaudio: url=”https://thegrillinguys.com/audio/2012-Jul/grillinguys-072112-seg3.mp3″ text=”Segment 3″]

Segment 4: Bob & Jop talk to Big Pauly about concealed carry about the “Dark Knight Rises” shooting and 2nd Amendment.

Listen: [wpaudio: url=”https://thegrillinguys.com/audio/2012-Jul/grillinguys-072112-seg4.mp3″ text=”Segment 4″]

Segment 5: Bob & Jop check back in with Shasta from Old World Olive Press to talk about oils.

Listen: [wpaudio: url=”https://thegrillinguys.com/audio/2012-Jul/grillinguys-072112-seg5.mp3″ text=”Segment 5″]

Segment 6: Bob & Jop talk to to Kenney Petersen from The Spirits of Entente. The Grillin’ Guys talk about about new classes coming up.

Listen: [wpaudio: url=”https://thegrillinguys.com/audio/2012-Jul/grillinguys-072112-seg6.mp3″ text=”Segment 6″]

Segment 7: Bob & Jop talk with Mike Peters about the KCBS Great American BBQ Tour.

Listen: [wpaudio: url=”https://thegrillinguys.com/audio/2012-Jul/grillinguys-072112-seg7.mp3″ text=”Segment 7″]

Segment 8: The Grillin’ Guys close up shop and introduce another Man Law.

Listen: [wpaudio: url=”https://thegrillinguys.com/audio/2012-Jul/grillinguys-072112-seg8.mp3″ text=”Segment 8″]

Download the audio: Right-click the audio segment link (Segment 3 for example) and select Save Link As…