Impress your friends over the holidays with your grillin’ skills! But, first listen to The Grillin’ Guys BBQ radio show for November 30th, 2013!

Segment 1: The guys dive into some of the best gifts for the “Grillin’ Master” with the Christmas Holiday around the corner including the “I-Grill.”

Segment 2: The guys break down the “Perfect Ham Recipe” courtesy for their good friend, Cowboy Rob Russell.

Segment 3: Jop dives into a Leftover Thanksgiving recipe along with a holiday mixed drink concoction. The guys continue their discussion on grillin’ gifts including those for the ladies in the house.

Segment 4: The guys talk about the future of their show this coming winter. BBQ Bob also gives out another “Man Law” on bringing the proper beer to a party or you will be shot. The show then wraps up with a tribute to BBQ Bob’s upcoming trip to Europe with the “Never Say Never Again” Theme Song from one of the James Bond movies.