Cooler than a crisp autumn day! Listen to the October 15th, 2011 The Grillin’ Guys show.

Segment 1: The guys are live from Ferris State University as it is Homecoming Week, and they start off the show by talking to Jeremy Mishler, Director of Ferris Alumni Relations. Jeremy talks about how they run their homecoming festivities.

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Segment 2: The guys talk about Synder’s Barbeque, the best barbeque around the Big Rapids area! The guys also give the listeners some advice on grilling in the cold weather.

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Segment 3: The guys talk to Rifino Valentine of Valentine Vodka about some good Vodka’s that go well with tailgating.

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Segment 4: The guys talk to Ferris State Hockey Head Coach Bob Daniels and RPI Hockey Head Coach Seth Appert. The guys also talk about some of their favorite tailgating snacks, like Shrimp on a stick.

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Segment 5: The guys talk to Head Football Coach Jeff Pierce about the game today against Northern Michigan University.

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Segment 6: The guys talk to Cowboy Rob Russell about some good tailgating Venison recipes.

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Segment 7: BBQ Bob talks about using a Cast Iron Skillet or Griddle when tailgating in cold weather when it comes to making grilled cheese! The guys also preview some of their upcoming remote broadcasts.

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Segment 8: The guys talk about the difference between Natural Charcoal and Briquettes, especially when it comes to grilling in cold weather.

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Segment 9: The guys talk to the President of Ferris State University, Dr. David Eisler, about how the university has grown since Jop and BBQ Bob attended. Dr. Eisler also talks about his favorite things to grill, especially his wife’s grilled chicken recipe.

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Segment 10: The guys talk to the Grand Marshals of the Ferris State University Homecoming Parade, Bob and Judie Scranton, about the scholarship fund they provide the Ferris students. BBQ Bob also dishes out another “Man Law” on how crying is okay when your team wins a big game, or your dog dying when saving someone from a tragic death. The show then wraps up with a salute to Ferris State University with the school’s fight song!

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