Better than Indian summer! Listen to the October 8th, 2011 The Grillin’ Guys show.

Segment 1: The guys are live from the Spartan Studios as they start the show off by talking about the basic rules for choosing the right grill.

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Segment 2: Jop tells the audience about preparing the right way when going to Bow Camp. The guys also talk about Venison burgers and both offer different opinions on how they like it on the grill.

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Segment 3: The guys talk to Coryn Briggs from Black Star Farms in Traverse City about the upcoming fall wine tours happening at their facility.

Listen: [wpaudio: url=”″ text=”Segment 3″]

Segment 4: The guys talk about choosing the right Charcoal grill. Jop then gives the audience his Fresh Michigan Salmon recipe, which is perfect for Salmon season. BBQ Bob also talks about grilling vegetables with your meat, which adds a great flavor to your meat!

Listen: [wpaudio: url=”″ text=”Segment 4″]

Segment 5: BBQ Bob talks about some “Real Cowboy Beans” when it comes to grilling baked beans, and he says that any kind of beans will work on the grill. BBQ Bob also offers an opinion about the ESPN/Hank Williams Jr. situation with Monday Night Football.

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Segment 6: The guys talk about choosing the right Gas grill (the granddaddy of all grills!). BBQ Bob also gives the audience his Pumpkin Goulash recipe, perfect for the fall season!

Listen: [wpaudio: url=”″ text=”Segment 6″]

Segment 7: The guys talk to Big Paullie about some fall grilling and hunting, while Paullie also gives a shoot-out to the famous rock n’ roller and avid hunter, Ted Nugent.

Listen: [wpaudio: url=”″ text=”Segment 7″]

Segment 8: BBQ Bob finishes up Cowboy Rob Russell’s “Real Cowboy Beans” recipe.

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Segment 9: The guys talk about choosing the right Pellet grill. The guys also talk about their upcoming trip to Arcadia Ales and give a mention to their seasonal ales that go well with the fall season.

Listen: [wpaudio: url=”″ text=”Segment 9″]

Segment 10: The guys tell the listeners about their upcoming remote broadcasts. BBQ Bob also gives another “Man Law” on a man having the right to scream ONLY when caught off guard and/or bitten by a very large snake. The show wraps up with a tribute to Hank Williams Jr. and his run on ESPN with a song by him called “A Country Boy Can Survive.”

Listen: [wpaudio: url=”″ text=”Segment 10″]

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