This Italilan Version of over the coals steak is a marvel and your friends won’t believe their eyes when you put it on the coals, but they will be anxiously awaiting your taking it off.

Here’s what you need:

Two inch thick cut Porterhouse Steaks

Kosher or Coarse Sea Salt


Some minced garlic cloves (as much or little as you like)

Lemon Juice

Old World Olive Companies EVOO

Smoked Salt for Garnish

Parmesan Shavings

Medium Bowl of Arugula leaves

With a mature fire well under way, move large portions of burning wood out of the way and make a nice red hot bed of coals.  Coat the steaks with EVOO and layer heavily with Salt and moderate coarse ground pepper.

With a clean dry natural fiber paint brush or light broom, dust the grey ash off of the coals.  Lay the steaks on the coals.  Leave on for about 5-7 minutes until you can flip them without the coals sticking to the meat.  Finish on the second side to the level preferred.

In the bowl, add some oil and lemon juice and toss.

Carve the steak into slices on a diagonal and place on serving plates with greens on the side.  Sprinkle greens with parmesan and smoked salt with more cracked pepper.

Enjoy and take a bow.Bistecca Fiorentina