Hand Cut French Fries with Spicy Ketchup


Who doesn’t enjoy french fries?  Try this recipe that offers French Fries that are not deep fried in oil, but rather tossed  in a little Olive Oil with garlic, salt and pepper.  And read more

Ace of Hearts BBQ Specialties

Rob Russell’s Sausage Making Workshop Fall 2010

 How it all began: 

Sausage making dates as far back as 900 BC.  The Romans called it “salus” meaning salted or preserved.  The Romans were known to have made fresh sausage of pork, white pine read more

Shantel’s Venison Rub

Shantel V. is a good friend of ours.  She says her two favorite things to do are to eat, and to teach.  Well, she’s a fantastic cook, and we hear an excellent teacher too!  I checked out her read more

And Now……the weird grills :-)

In looking for a humongous variety of ways to grill, BBQ Bob found these.  Imagine grilling on a Cow grill, a girly pink grill, train, mower, pistol, shopping cart, specialized hot dog grill, or even…….er……..a read more