It’s tailgatin’ season! Fire up your grill!  Listen to The Grillin’ Guys show for September 15th 2012!

Segment 1: The guys are live from the Michigan Talk Network Studios as they start the show off by talking to Ray Schultz from  Law Firm about his business and the Michigan State-Notre Dame game.

Segment 2: The guys talk to Cowboy Rob Russell in Kansas City, Missouri about some reasons why they should go to the American Royal. BBQ Bob also tells a truck pull story.

Segment 3: Jop gives out a Fishing Report. The guys then talk to David “Mad Dog” DeMarco from The Game 730am, who has a sports update on the Lions, Tigers, and much more! The guys also dive into the difference between a rub and a seasoning.

Segment 4: The guys talk to Corporate Chef Michael Ollier for Certified Angus Beef in Ohio about what the product is all about and some tailgating ideas. BBQ Bob also gives out a Whitetail Deer Report.

Segment 5: The guys talk about Randy Perrin article about his new brewing company. The guys also dive into a tailgating menu.

Segment 6: The guys talk to Merle Shoemaker from Al and Bob’s Sports about The Big Buck Contest starting off next weekend and some cross bows.

Segment 7: Producer Bryan Fongers goes through some football and baseball action this weekend. The guys also dive into a Bacon, Shrimp Brisket Explosion recipe.

Segment 8: The guys talk about adapting when turning your grill into a smoker. Jop also gives out a quick Breadstick recipe. BBQ Bob also gives out another “Man Law” on leaving a sporting event before it ends. The show then wraps up with a song by Led Zepplin called, “Immigrant Song.”