Cooler than a crisp fall morning! Listen to the September 17th, 2011 The Grillin’ Guys show.

Segment 1: The guys are live from Viki’s Pasty and BBQ Shop in Downtown Saranac as they talk to Tony Baumgardner, owner of Viki’s Pasty and BBQ Shop, about what a “pasty” is specifically. BBQ Bob also offers the audience his Turkey Burgers with Balsamic recipe.

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Segment 2: Jop offers the audience some tailgating tips on bringing bigger drinking glasses, as well as offering people about milk working well with goose breast..

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Segment 3: The guys offer some more tailgating tips, as well as some safety tips to make sure that no one gets hurt while tailgating.

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Segment 4: The guys give out more safety tips while tailgating, such as not wearing any loose clothing and making sure that your gas lines are working properly while grilling. Jop also lets the audience know that it is essential to have a tailgate team with roles for everyone.

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Segment 5: The guys talk to Kenny Peterson from Tabor Hill Winery about the top three wines that are essential for tailgating, as well as some wines that are perfect for the upcoming fall season.

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Segment 6: The guys talk to former NFL Head Coach Dick Vermeil about his various Vermeil Wines available right now. He also talks about the weather causing wine production to decline this year.

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Segment 7: The guys talk to Jeff Coon from Frankenmuth Brewery about his top two tailgating beers. Jeff also talks about his Oktoberfest party going on at his brewery.

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Segment 8: Tony Baumgardner rejoins the guys and tells the audience why Viki’s Pasty and BBQ Shop is the place to be!

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Segment 9: The guys talk to Big Paully from Chicago about some good Cigars from Ivan Ries & Company. BBQ Bob also offers the audience his Basil and Pesto Hummus recipe.

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Segment 10: Jop talks to Matt Lerg (a Michigan tailgater) about a Grilled Salmon recipe that he cooked up while tailgating. The guys also talked to Todd Visser from Zager’s Pools and Spas about getting a good pool/hot tub cover to last for the fall and winter seasons. The guys also give another “Man Law” on calling shotgun in a car, and the show wraps up with a tribute to hunters with song by a group called Da Yoopers!

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