It’s time to hunt down some meat and throw it on the grill! Listen to The Grillin’ Guys show for September 29th 2012!

Segment 1: BBQ Bob is live from Al and Bob’s Sports in Grand Rapids as he starts the show off by talking to special guest host Travis Fritts from the Detroit Brewing Company about how he became to be a “Master Brewer.” Travis also talks about pairing your beers with Venison meat.

Segment 2: BBQ Bob talks to Chris Marks from the Ace of Hearts Championship Barbecue Team about smoking some Back Straps and Shoulders.

Segment 3: BBQ Bob talks to a music and hunting legend in rock star Ted Nugent about properly killing, cleaning, and cooking some Venison meat. Ted Nugent also dives into the Small Arms Treaty.

Segment 4: BBQ Bob brings back in Ted Nugent to talk about properly preparing your bird. Ted Nugent also talks about what his favorite wild game to eat is.

Segment 5: BBQ Bob brings back in Travis Fritts about his business and how it is competing across the country. Travis also brought in some treats to share with Bob. BBQ Bob also tells a hunting story.

Segment 6: The guys talk to Joe Koperski from Al and Bob’s Sports about some fishing, especially Steelhead Fishing. BBQ Bob also brings in Merle Shoemaker from Al and Bob’s Sports about the top three mistakes bow hunters make.

Segment 7: BBQ Bob dives into properly aging your Venison courtesy of Babe Winkleman. BBQ Bob also gives out a Hot Apple Cider adult drink.

Segment 8: WBBL Program Director Bret Bakita joins the show to talk about the high school football scene. BBQ Bob also gives out another “Man Law” about chatting in the men’s restroom. The show then wraps up with a tribute to the hunting season with a song by Michigan’s own Ted Nugent called, “I Still Believe.”