Fall is definitely grillin’ season!  Listen to The Grillin’ Guys show for September 8th 2012!

Segment 1: The guys are live from the Michigan Talk Network Studios as they start the show off by talking to Wade LeFevour from Johnny Secreto’s Food in Rockford, Michigan about what his business is all about, especially his barbecue rubs!

Segment 2: The guys bring in Shasta Fase from Old World Olive Press to talk about some more balsamic vinegars, especially on fish.

Segment 3: The guys talk to Doug Welsh from Fenn Valley Winery in Fennville, Michigan about the harvesting season. The guys also talk to Mike Elzinga from World Missions about his upcoming adventures around the world.

Segment 4: Jop gives out a new Fishing Report. BBQ Bob also interviews some injured soldiers while on a trip with Best Chance Too Charters.

Segment 5: The guys dive into some campfire grilling. Jop also gives out a Grilled Tomato Gazpacho recipe.

Segment 6: The guys give out some tailgating rules during the football season. The guys also talk about an upcoming remote next week at Michigan State University.

Segment 7: The guys talk to Chaz Thompson from Schmohz Brewery about how his business is growing and what is happening right now at his brewery.

Segment 8: The guys talk to Don Korlowicz from Honey Creek Inn and The Grist Mill about what he is cooking up and an upcoming remote broadcast over there in a few weeks. BBQ Bob gives out another “Man Law” on banning short shorts and popped collars. The show then wraps up with a tribute to the fishing season with a song by Da Yoopers called, “Fishin’ Wit Fred.”