Simple Organic Slaw

Dec 15, 2016



What you need:

Head of Organic Cabbage

Six large carrots

1 C Hellman’s Real Mayonnaise

¼ C Rice Vinegar

¼ C Organic Agave Nectar

T- Celery seed


Find a coarse chop setting on your food processor and chop a complete head of cabbage and the carrots.  Be sure to trim off any brown spots and lightly trim the base if brown.  Be careful to leave the core in the cabbage.

Blend about a cup of mayo, ¼ cup of rice vinegar, and about a ¼ cup agave nectar.  Now stir in the celery seed.  Adjust vinegar or nectar to taste.

Pour ingredients into chopped blend and stir in.  Let set in refrigerator for a half an hour.