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Now fire up that grill!

7 thoughts on “Thank You!”
  1. I enjoy cooking on my grill,and just bought a smoker. If you have any Good ideas and recipes that will work Iam all EARS TKS.

    1. That is a year long conversation. Keep looking at our recipes and if you try enough, you will get it. Email me with a specific protein that you want to master and I will be happy to send you a pdf from one of my old classes.

      Thanks for listening and congratulations on your investment.

    1. Thanks Ritch. We enjoyed having you as well. Let’s stay in touch and when the military gig gets a little closer I will call you.
      Great job bye the way.

    1. That is cool. I will tell her. That’s going to make her day. She wants a little street cred too 8 )

      Happy New Year.

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