Thanks Again!

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19 thoughts on “Thanks Again!”
    1. Hey Glenn, the pleasure was all mine. I have a lot of respect for you and your passion for bbq.

      All my best.

    1. Thanks so much Mike. We work hard to bring you all the best grillin’ game we can and it is good to know you like it.
      Peace, Love, and BBQ Baby.


    1. We usually post it on our our site and Facebook. If you are on Twitter, follow grillinguy.
      Thanks for checking us out.

    1. We would really like that. I wonder if you have a micro brew or bbq joint we could crash.

      Thanks for listening.

    1. I heard the show today while on the way to pheasant hunting, I have vension from early anterless this season, I took one with my Ruger blackhawk 44. I would like to make the pumpkin ghoulash.

      1. Thanks for listening. You will love this recipe. You can play with it a little too. Some people slightly pre-cook the rice.
        I just posted it. Enjoy.

  1. Love the show, hate to miss it. Thanks for the grill-info. I really enjoyed the grill this weekend with a Sky High Rye.

  2. i need a receipe for chicken thighs.. You talked about one last saturday, but I missed it???


    1. This is easyFirst you trim the thighs. Then rub Three Little Pigs Memphis rub on them. Smoke them at 250 for 2 hours. Pour honey on them and put back on the smoker for 20 minutes. Pour Three Little Pigs Competition Sauce on them and leave on another 20 minutes. Heavenly.

  3. Love the show on Saturday mornings! You guys are true grilling masters. This show is going to grow into something truly special.

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