Fall fun includes jumping in huge piles of multi-colored leaves, sitting around the bon fire, going for brisk walks.  After these cool weather activites, nothing is better than a warm hot toddy, while you warm your feet in front of the fireplace.  Enjoy!



1 baked apple

1 tbsp superfine sugar

1 glassApplejack® Brandy 

1sprinkling of nutmeg or other garnish such as fruit or lemon


Preheat oven to 375F.  Wash and core the apple(s), arrange in a baking dish.  Pour boiling water around the apples, to steam them.  Maybe a quarter inch or less of water in the bottom of the pan.  Bake 50 minutes or until tender.  Remove from oven and drain water.

Place the baked apple, sugar and applejack into a glass or mug. Fill the glass two-thirds full with boiling water, and grate a little nutmeg (or whatever your favorite garnish is) on top.

Enjoy this wonderful, aromatic, Fall drink with friends!  Make more than one, they are that good!

Recipe provided by Judy’s kitchen, in Grattan, Michigan