Board of Directors

rotellaPaul Rotella

President & CEO of New Jersey Broadcasters Association, received his J.D., in Law in 1983 from Seton Hall University School of Law, served the federal government overseas, owned an Italian restaurant, and is married to a lovely lady who gave him three fine sons.

Paul is a regular on the show and is affectionately called “our goombah” as a Soprano’s type joke.  He is really a big Teddy Bear and met Bob in Atlantic City during a convention.  The rest is history.

Paul likes great food, good cigars, a nice glass of Cabernet.   Paul can be found around his grill on the weekend entertaining any group of friends and family at his country home in NE Pennsylvania.


531266_387485971306474_1668772930_nKeith Guidry

Keith is the third generation owner of “The Percy Guidry Company” of Lafayette, LA.  They make the Cajun Grill as well as run a large Patio, Fireplace, and Grill store.  Keith is in charge of day to day operations in the grill store and his brother Greg runs the fabrication business which makes the grills as well as custom work houses for oil rigs in the gulf.

Keith is an old friend of Bob’s from the BBQ industry when Bob and Rob Russell use to travel the country putting on BBQ classes.  Percy Guidry regularly puts on bbq classes and is famous for Cajun cooking.  Keith is known to the show as “T-Guid” and always brings his A game when he appears at an event.


bobnrobCowboy Rob Russell

Rob Russell is a great barbecue man from Kansas.  He hails from Topeka and use to work for Ace of Hearts Barbecue which is were the guys met him.  Rob is known for teaching bbq around the country with BBQ Bob and is a regular on the show.

Jop and Bob have hunted with Rob and shared stories around the campfire.  Rob is the kind of guy that everyone immediately likes and can entertain a crowd with his Ozark accent.  Rob is a master barbecue chef that has catered for common folks or famous people like his friend Dick Vermeil.  Rob is a big Jay Hawks fan and has a lovely wife Beth, son Levi, and a sweet daughter named Allie.  This is a guy to know.

Rob is camera shy so this is the only picture we could find of him.  It was taken on a road trip to Frankenmuth Brewing.