April 28, 2012 Show

Apr 28, 2012

Grill baby, grill! Every Saturday morning listen to The Grillin’ Guys. Here’s the  show from April 28th, 2012!

Segment 1: The guys are live from the Michigan Talk Network Studios as they start the show off by talking to Bob Dubisky, Professional Meat Broker, about certain cuts of meat and where they come from on the animal.

Listen: [wpaudio: url=”https://thegrillinguys.com/audio/2012-Apr/grillinguys-042812-seg1.mp3″ text=”Segment 1″]

Segment 2: The guys talk to Tony Lentych, the General Manager of Leelanau Cellars in Traverse City, Michigan, about some wine tours coming up at their facility. Tony also talks about some wines that he gave to the guys as a gift, as well as the wines he has to offer at his winery.

Listen: [wpaudio: url=”https://thegrillinguys.com/audio/2012-Apr/grillinguys-042812-seg2.mp3″ text=”Segment 2″]

Segment 3: The guys talk to Big Paullie from New Jersey about grilling up some steak or trout (it is the beginning of trout season in Michigan, after all). The guys also talk again to Bob Dubisky about some fishing, especially up in Alaska with the salmon biting right now.

Listen: [wpaudio: url=”https://thegrillinguys.com/audio/2012-Apr/grillinguys-042812-seg3.mp3″ text=”Segment 3″]

Segment 4: The guys talk more to Bob Dubisky about how to properly judge a steak when buying at a meat market or store. Bob also talks about the different colors that steaks have and how not to worry if the color changes on the meat (you won’t get sick!). Bob also talks about a drink he has brought into the studio to share with the guys.

Listen: [wpaudio: url=”https://thegrillinguys.com/audio/2012-Apr/grillinguys-042812-seg4.mp3″ text=”Segment 4″]

Segment 5: The guys talk to Ed Sypniewski from Steeple Town Neighborhood Services about Kielbosa Idol that is coming up next Saturday in the Grand Rapids area.

Listen: [wpaudio: url=”https://thegrillinguys.com/audio/2012-Apr/grillinguys-042812-seg5.mp3″ text=”Segment 5″]

Segment 6: The guys talk to Drew McLean from Bear Boy Gourmet about his seasoning business and how he got started. Drew also talks about the seasoning rubs he brought into the studio for the guys.

Listen: [wpaudio: url=”https://thegrillinguys.com/audio/2012-Apr/grillinguys-042812-seg6.mp3″ text=”Segment 6″]

Segment 7: The guys bring back Bob Dubisky to talk more about grading your meat when selecting it at a meat market or store. Bob also talks about what to look for when selecting your favorite cut of steak. BBQ Bob also talks about an Apple Cranberry Stuffed Pork Loin Roll-up recipe.

Listen: [wpaudio: url=”https://thegrillinguys.com/audio/2012-Apr/grillinguys-042812-seg7.mp3″ text=”Segment 7″]

Segment 8: The guys talk about some upcoming remote broadcasts and classes in the month of May. BBQ Bob also gives out another “Man Law” on a man kicking another man in the jewels. The show then wraps up with a song by Michigan’s own Kid Rock called, “Born Free.”

Listen: [wpaudio: url=”https://thegrillinguys.com/audio/2012-Apr/grillinguys-042812-seg8.mp3″ text=”Segment 8″]

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