Babe Winkelman

Nov 4, 2012

Kris Winkelman made  some great shrimp for Babe, Bob, and guests at their home in Brainerd Minnesota.

Bob took a trip to Brainerd, MN to visit with Babe Winkelman recently.  Babe was a very gracious host and so was his wife Kris.  Kris is one of the nations foremost wild game chefs and it’s no coincidence.  When you live with North America’s most recognized name in hunting and fishing you are going to have ample opportunity to test all kinds of recipes.

Kris made the guys shrimp, crappie, moose, and about every type of appetizer you can imagine from wild game and everything was fantastic.

Babe’s good friend Franklin and his wife Patty were also at the dinner and afterwards Babe and Franklin got on the guitars and played their favorite blues, rock, and country.  They asked Bob to join them on the microphone and the night turned into a great jam session.  All three of them have histories of playing in bands and you can’t take that out of a boy.

Babe will be joining the Grillin’ Guys from time to time to lend manly advice.

If you want to hear more from Babe, check out his website at:

Babe and Bob relaxing in Babe’s trophy room after dinner.