Bear Paws

Apr 15, 2011

We featured this product on our show 4/16.  Tim Hansel called in to tell us all about them!  Their web site says:

Bear Paw Practical, useful handles for roasts, hams, turkeys, chicken, ribs, tri-tips, fruits and vegetables.
Every kitchen needs a pair year-round!
Safely and securely keep your hands away when slicing/preparing!
Lift, transfer, carve- handle full size items with proper ergonomics; you won’t drop it!
Great for handling and cutting vegetables, watermelons- finally a SAFE solution!
Used by professionals, now available for all households!
Natural grip, stay cool handles
Super sharp, extra strong
Shreds meat and chicken for homemade barbeque, chimichangas!
Tosses salads, pastas, makes quick work for homemade coleslaw!
Slip-free grip transferring from oven or grill to your serving platter
Better handling control than long-handled forks or spatulas
Will not scratch coated surfaces
Dishwasher safe
Easy to use
Every household needs a pair! Every turkey deserves one at Thanksgiving!
Thousand’s of uses year-round!
Great gift idea!
Once they’re in your hands, you’ll wonder how you got by without them!

Bear Paws are Made in the U.S.A!

Colors:  Ivory or Brown