• 1 10-15  lb Whole Beef Brisket
  • 2 oz Cracked Pepper,  2oz Sea Salt, 2 oz Dried Minced Garlic – Mix Together for your Rub
  • Lump Charcoal or All Purpose Pellets(if using a Pellet Grill)
  • 4 chunks of seasoning wood (Apple/Cherry/Pecan/Hickory all work well if using lump charcoal)
  • 18” wide red butcher paper
  • Digital Thermometer
  • Medium baking pan and large cutting board
  • Insulated cooking Gloves

Recipe and Technique:

  1. Start a fire in your smoker with the Lump Charcoal (or ignite our pellet grill)
  2. Bring the smoker up to 250 degrees F.
  3. Remove the Beef Brisket from the package and place on a large cutting board.  Note the direction of the “Grain” of the roast as when it is finished, you will want to cut ACROSS the grain to create your slices to eat.
  4. Cut away the excess fat cap on the brisket leaving about ½ of fat on the roast.
  5. Cover the entire roast with a liberal amount of seasoning Rub on all sides
  6. Once the smoker is at 250 degrees, Place the beef brisket FAT SIDE DOWN on the grates
  7. If using the lump charcoal, place the seasoning wood chips directly on the hot charcoal to create smoke. Shut the fire box and the cooking chamber and let the smoking begin!
  8. Drink a beer or two
  9. After about 4 hours – check the temperature of the pork roast with your digital thermometer. When the roast is at 145-150 degrees, Put on your Gloves and remove it from the smoker, wrap it tightly in TWO Layers of Red Butchers Paper, RETURN IT TO THE SMOKER.
  10. Remove your gloves and Drink a beer or two
  11. Monitor the temperature of the roast every hour or so. When the internal temperature reaches 202 degrees ,  Put your gloves back on, Remove the Roast from the smoker, keeping it in the butcher paper,  and let it rest on in the medium baking pan for about 45 minutes
  12. After 45 minutes –  remove the roast from the butcher paper and place it on the cutting board. Cut the roast ACROSS THE GRAIN to create your slices.    ENJOY!

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