Cincinnati Chili

Dec 6, 2014


This recipe is from the bottom of my heart as well as top of mind.  I have a long standing romance with the city or Cincinnati and it stems from my early professional life as a banker.  My boss and our regional office was in the Blue Ash district of Cincinnati and we had a box at the Red/Bengals stadium, so when I was working there, my boss gave me the seats.  If you have ever hung out downtown Cinci as, you will know why the area is so memorable.

One of the other great traditions I learned there was Skyline Chili.  I won’t drone on, but this is one of the greatest restaurant chains in the nation for a reason.  Love.  This isn’t their recipe, but it’s a good one.


Cincinnati Chili
• 2lbs of ground chuck
• 2 cloves of garlic chopped
• 2 Hershey bars
• ¼ cup wine vinegar
• ¼ cup evoo
• 1 large (16 oz.) can of tomato sauce
• 3 ripe tomatoes diced finely
• ½ t white pepper
• ½ t allspice
• ¼ cup of sugar
• 1 t cumin
• 2 T Paprika
• 1 T Cinnamon
• 2 sweet onions

Also have on hand some finely shredded sharp cheddar and some of your favorite Louisiana style hot sauce.

Heat EVOO in large fry pan and sauté onions until lucid. Remove and set in bowl. Crumble the ground chuck and brown in hot EVOO. Season beef with salt and pepper and the chopped garlic and cook to brown. Drain excess grease and set aside.
In a large soup pot, combine remaining ingredients (minus the chocolate bars) over medium heat. Add beef to mixture and simmer. Add Chocolate bars, stir in and turn down heat to lowest (warm) setting.
To Serve:

Boil some spaghetti noodles to your favorite texture.  Scoop noodles onto plate or shallow bowl, add sauce, beans, cheese, and onion.  Now splash it with a touch of hot sauce and put oyster crackers around the edge to suck up excess water.

I know you are going to dig this.