Temperature Guide

Nov 30, 2012











                Doneness                       Serving temp                                Description

 Beef, lamb, and veal* and duck breasts (USDA recommended   minimum: 145°F)

Raw                                    Less than 120 °F                Bright purple-red center, cool, stringy,

Slightly juicy

Rare                                   120-130°F                            Red center, warm, tender, juicy

Medium rare                  130-135°F                              Pink center, warm, firm, juicy

Medium                            135-145°F                             Tan center with some hints of pink,                           .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              firm, not very juicy

Medium well                  145-155°F                              Tan center, firm to tough, little juice

Well done                       more than 155°F                   Tan to brown center, tough, little juice

Pork steaks, chops, and roasts (USDA recommended minimum: 160°F)

Raw                                 Less than 120°F                     Bright pink center, cool, slightly stringy

Rare                                 120-130°F                              Pale pink center, warm, tender, very juicy

Medium rare                 130-135°F                               Cream colored, slight pink tinge, tender, juicy

Medium                           135-145°F                              Cream colored, firm, slightly pink juices

Medium well                 145-155°F                                Cream colored, firm, clear juices

Well done                       more than 155°F                   Cream colored, tough, clear juices

Ground meats, burgers, meat loaf, and sausages (USDA recommended minimum: 160°F)

Safe                                  160°F   or more                       Tan-brown (no sign of pink)

Pork ribs, pork shoulders, and beef brisket cooked low and slow at 225°F **

Tender and juicy              190°F                                     Pale white to tan center, tender, clear juices

Pre-cooked ham and hot dogs (USDA recommended minimum: 140°F)

Safe                                     140°F                                       Pink meat, clear juices

Turkey and chicken (USDA recommended minimum: 165°F)

Safe and moist                   165°F                                    Cream colored, tender, clear juices

Fish (USDA recommended minimum: 145°F)

Medium                               135°F                                   Slightly translucent meat, flakes easily

Well done                             145°F                                  Opaque, pearly meat

Unpasteurized eggs (USDA recommended minimum: 160°F)

Safe                                        160°F                                 Solid yolks

* Veal colors will be similar to pork colors.

** These cuts are safe at much lower temperatures, but because they are high in connective  tissue and fat, they taste and feel best if cooked to about 195°F at very low temperatures such as 225°F. This is the secret to great barbecue and the exact guide used by The Grillin’ Guys.