Are your taxes a problem.  Bob uses a guy that is low cost, honest and gets right to the root of the problems.  Here is what Doug from Michigan Tax Services finds are common problems people make when filing;
The top 3 rejects are:
1. SSN is used on another return.
This error has the highest probability of costing someone money. This generally happens when a high school grad, or college student, files their own return as “independent” of their parents.
2. Also surrounding the SSN – Name and/or DOB do not match SSN master file. This does not cost any money, only time. Best plan is to have written SSN, verified by the card, with birthdates.
3. Missing information – Income information, W-2’s, 1099-MISC, 1099-R, 1099-B, are left off the return. Most common problems: filing early, before all records are mailed out; having a document mailed to the wrong address; forgetting about taking an early distribution from an IRA or 401K; working as an independent contractor for someone; forgetting about the sale of stocks.


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