Venison Ham

Nov 10, 2012

First you must cure the meat:

1 Place as much curing salts as recommended by the product label for the size of the venison meat in a bowl. Add allspice and black pepper to taste, then mix thoroughly.
2 Rub the spice powder all over the surface of the venison meat.

3 Place the venison meat in plastic bag and seal the opening. Leave the meat in the refrigerator for about seven days.

4 Drain off any liquid in the venison plastic bag. Prepare the same spice mixture as before, rub it on the venison, place the venison in a new plastic bag, and leave it in the refrigerator for seven more days.

5 Remove the venison from the plastic bag and truss it with kitchen twine so it holds its shape. To truss the meat, simply tie the twine around the meat to get a compact shape.

6 Hang the meat in an area with a temperature of about 55 degrees F and humidity of about 60 to 80 percent. For best temperature and humidity control, place the meat in a refrigerator with a temperature regulator and a humidifier. The meat may take weeks or months to cure, depending on the thickness of the cut. The curing salts product label may contain guidelines on curing times. When fully cured, the meat becomes pink throughout.

Smoking the ham.

I would rub the meat with brown sugar to form a crust. Place it in your smoker at low heat and bake to an internal temperature of 150 degrees.