Tim Henk is the winner of the Ice Fishing Kit from Al & Bob’s Sports and got a great treat when his prize was hand delivered by Croppie Joppie.  Tim entered a name for our pig to win some ice fishing equipment and the name he entered was Scarlett O’Hama.

Tim is also known for many television shows and movies…no, that’s Tom Hanks.  Well, anyway, Tim is now known as a clever Grillin’ Guy and will soon be known as the guy in the hood with ice fishin’ skills.

Our show is produced by Emilee Westphall and we let her pick Saturday’s winner and Randy jumped in The Grillin Guys Land Yacht and went right over to Tim’s house to personally deliver the prize.

The “Name the Pig” contest is still on and the final winner will be drawn in late Summer.  The final winner will get “The Grillin’ Guys” for a day at their house and we are going to put on a back yard gig for the whole neighborhood to envy.

Congratulations Tim and stay tuned.

Randy delivers the goods!