The coming of spring not only heralds the beginning of the outdoor cooking season, it is also the traditional season of lamb.  Most people think lamb has too strong a flavor. Many will tell you that they just don’t like it. The average American eats less than one pound of lamb per year.  We think you’ll discover the delights of lamp chops if marinated properly.


Mise En Place 

  • Black Berry Puree                                           4.oz vol
  • Mint                                                                1.oz  wt.
  • Water                                                              2 Cups
  • Sugar                                                               2 Cups 


Begin this recipe by letting the Black Berry Puree thaw on the Prep Table for a few Minutes.  Mix Sugar and Water in a pot on stove Bring to a boil.  Place the Mint in the boiling water.  Simmer for 2 minutes.  Remove mint. 

Add Blackberry Puree.  Bring Simple Syrup to a boil and reduce by a 1/3.  

Let cool –  syrup should coat back of Spoon.  Place in Squeeze Bottle.   

Label, Date & Store