Herb Rub for Lamb

Feb 10, 2011

Here’s another idea!  Rub generously on the lamb chops and watch the family as they dive into these delicious, tender lamb chops.  Don’t be afraid to experiement with lamb!  It is a healthy alternative and something different to serve.

Mise en place

  • Kosher Salt                                                     ½ Cup
  • Sea Salt                                                           ¼ Cup
  • Ground Black Pepper                                     1 TBSP
  • Ground Rosemary                                           1 TBSP
  • Thyme (dry)                                                    ½ TBSP
  • Paprika smoked                                               1 TBSP
  • Granulated Garlic                                           ½ TBSP


Mix well store in a small dish a shaker with holes.

*This will last in a cool dry place for several weeks

*Adjust your yield for small portions