chicken margharita salad


Grill your chicken breasts with favorite seasoning.
Corn Bean Salsa: blend together and chill
1 can of Corn
1 can of Black Beans
1 large diced tomato
1 chopped sweet onion
Southwest spice blend
2 chopped jalapeños fresh or pickled
1 chopped red pepper
½ Cup Cilantro chopped
Chopped Lettuce, enough for each bowl to be lined adequately can be cut early and chilled
Cooked wild rice, about 3 cups
3 Avacados sliced just before serving
Lay a nice bed of chopped lettuce in each bowl. Place one scoop of warm cooked rice on one side, lay grilled chicken breast in other third of bowl, and lay out 5-7 avacado slices like a poker hand in the remaining space.
Carefully place one large scoop of salsa in center on top of dish. Place a couple of lime wedges around the edge for garnish.