Huntin’ Time Expo

Jan 30, 2012
Jop, BBQ Bob and The Mooose

The Grillin’ Guys were at the Delta Plex this weekend for the Huntin’ Time Expo.  This is the biggest hunting show in Michigan and it happens every year.  This year the Expo’s originator Tom Antor asked us to come along and smoke up the place.  It was a smash hit.

We met guides, taxidermists, outfitters, and hundreds of other vendors.  We smoked wild boar, sausage, venison meatballs and much more.  We fired up the TEC Grill and grilled some tasty buffalo steaks, white tail, eland, and so much more.

Based on the line we had and the comments we heard, it was “off the chain.”

Bob & Jop with The Moose.