May 3, 2014 Show

May 3, 2014

Get your spring cranking by firing up that grill! Listen to the May 2nd, 2014 The Grillin’ Guys show.

Segment 1: The guys are live from The Grillin’ Guys Studios as they begin the show by talking about buying the right grill along with the best ones available in stores right now.

Segment 2: The guys bring in Tim Sobie from Sobie Meats about Skirt Steak. The guys also dive into properly making salsa.

Segment 3: The guys talk about how to pick the right smoker. The guys also bring in Tim Surprise from Arcadia Ales about a special event coming up at his brand new facility.

Segment 4: The guys talk to Mike Plesz from Rochester Mills about the big brew day at his brewery coming up in June. The latest brewery news is also discussed, and BBQ Bob gives out another “Man Law” on whizzing over the side of the boat when fishing.