• Chicken Wing Drummies – Not the flat part of the wing
  • Lime Infused Olive Oil (available at Old World Olive Company)
  • Pigs Ass Memphis Style BBQ Rub (Or any Memphis profile BBQ Rub)

Recipe and Technique:

  1. Prepare your smoker at 275 degrees,  or set one burner of your grill on Medium Heat so that you can cook on indirect heat.
  2. On the small end of the Chicken Wing Drummie, Take a knife and cut around the bone just below the joint.
  3. Slide the Chicken Skin and meat down the bone to create a “ball” of chicken at the thick end of the drummie.
  4. Rub Chicken with a small amount of Lime Olive Oil
  5. Season the Oiled Chicken with the Memphis Rub
  6. Place on Smoker or Indirect heat Grill  and let cook until the chicken reaches 165 degrees (45-60 minutes depending on your grill.
  7. Remove from Smoker/Grill and let cool a couple minutes


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