Fall is a great time for grillin! Listen to The Grillin’ Guys show for September 22nd 2012!

Segment 1: The guys are live from the Michigan Talk Network Studios as they start the show off by talking to Tim Surprise from Arcadia Brewery in Battle Creek, Michigan about his “Jaw Jacker” beer.

Segment 2: The guys talk to Dave Lobeck from BBQ My Way in Louisville, Kentucky about his business and some tailgating ideas.

Segment 3: The guys dive into the best burgers and toddies for your tailgating needs.

Segment 4: The guys give out some tips on cooking with an open flame, especially with a Dutch oven and 12-Volt Rotisseries. The guys also preview next week’s remote broadcast at Al and Bob’s Sports.

Segment 5: The guys talk to Don, the owner of The Grist Mill and Linda from Feeding America West Michigan Food Bank about what is going on today at the shop.

Segment 6: The guys talk to Lynette Nichols, the new manager at Lemon Creek Winery, about pairing up your fall feasts with wines. The guys also talk to  player Lucy Morals about what the sport is all about.

Segment 7: BBQ Bob talks about preparing your food stocks for national emergencies. The guys also bring back Lucy Morals in to explain more about the sport of roller derby.

Segment 8: The guys bring back Don and Gordy the Butcher from The Grist Mill back in about what they have cooking there. BBQ Bob also gives out another “Man Law” on man talk staying between men only. The show then wraps up with a song by Led Zepplin called, “The Immigrant Song.”